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Unstable Ground for Building


Small Walking Bridges

solutions also available for

LAN Concrete Technology can raise the pad as an affordable alternative to tearing out and replacing with new concrete.

Sinking Sidewalks

Uneven Concrete

​Sinking Driveway Pads

If your concrete is sinking, there is a good possibility that the concrete slab was installed on poorly compacted fill dirt. Sub-surface erosion and shrinking soils are also possible culprits.

Concrete Lifting

Cracks in Wall

Water Leaks

Corners Sinking

Leaning Walls

Bowed Walls



Fascia Board Pulling Away

Driveway Sinking or Uneven

Sidewalk Sinking or Uneven

Gaps Around Windows and/or Doors

Cracks in Foundation

Tilting or Leaning Chimney



When trying to determine if your home is experiencing a foundation problem, there are some simple things to look for:

Trim or Molding Misaligned

Cracks in Floor or Tile

Cracks in Walls

Sticking Windows or Doors

Uneven Floors

Foundation ISSUES

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